Discovery Jam – Spring 2017

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Discovery Jam?

UXPA in partnership with CarMax extended a helping hand to any organization interested in learning more about Lean UX principles and the tactics used by CarMax product teams to put the user at the center of product design. But it wasn’t just some panel discussion‚Ķ

These teams put the principles to work in a fun-filled evening! A three-hour timeframe forced the teams to stay focused and be LEAN. The agendas centered around the needs of each specific organization, as design teams from CarMax paired with representative from each organization to share opportunities, learn about their customers, and launch experiments – all focused around building empathy for the users.

Discovery Jam teams

One team at Discovery Jam doing some white boarding.

Who was involved?

The Science Museum of Virginia

Glass Smith

Think of Us

Go Happy



What did others have to say?

“The Discovery Jam was incredibly efficient and effective at revealing real, and often missed, opportunities to better engage and understand Glass Smith customers.” – Blue Crump, CEO at Glass Smith

“We truly enjoyed the event and have already passed on your excellent ideas to our team working on (project name). We also feel validated that we use similar methods and activities in our work.” – Ashley Cook, CSRA


What’s next?

UXPA is making this a quarterly event … or prototype. Each quarter we will be trying new things and inviting new organizations to be a part of Discovery Jam in hopes that this event turns into one that is hugely valuable as a way for the UXPA RVA community to be ambassadors for the art of UX up and down the east coast.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved, have ideas for a future Discovery Jam, or just want to chat about it, don’t hesitate to shoot an email to¬†

Our Summer Jam is scheduled for Tuesday, August 15, 2017.


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